Your Biggest Fear About The Future Is Based On Your Zodiac

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Our zodiac signs say a lot about us as people, and can tell us a lot about the way we react. Zodiac signs can also predict how our futures are going to turn out, or at least give us a general idea.

These are the biggest fears for each zodiac sign. No, not spiders or snakes. But the fears that keep you up at night or creep into your mind when you're overwhelmed. I also asked some people in the office if they felt they were accurately represented by their what did they say?



You are constantly worried that you'll never find "the one." What if you never fall in love? Never have that person to complete you?

You're deepest fear for the future is that you'll end up alone, or worse, with the wrong person. You've found people that sort of make you whole, but they're always missing something.

What if that continues forever? Or what if you find that person and then lose them?


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You are afraid of dying, but not the actual act of dying...just that one day you will no longer exist. It's almost like there are too many things to do for you to fit them all into one lifetime, so instead of trying, you just recoil into yourself.

You kind of want to know how you'll die, so you can mentally prepare yourself, but at the same time you know it would make your life even more stressful than it already is.


"Huh. Ain't that somethin'." -- Shannon


You fear the unknown. If you can't control it, you don't want any part of it. It's funny, though. You're completely indecisive but also need to choose everything.

Everything stresses you out, from your future love life to your future career. The problem is that you often try to suppress these emotions and let your other personality come out and cover for you.

Personally, I'm a Gemini, and I can attest to this. I'm consistently a ball of nerves if I haven't planned out every detail, but I pretend to go with the flow just to try and stay calm.


Your biggest fear about the future is that nothing lasts. You're worried your friend group will drift apart, your loved ones will die, and you have no security for the future.

It's hard to seize the day when you don't know how things will play out down the road. Sure, you could go on a trip to Europe with your savings, but what if you're in a car crash tomorrow and need the money for a new vehicle?

You fear that nothing will be the same, and you won't be able to recognize your own life.


"I tend to relish in life's high moments, simply cause I know they won't last forever.  I fear that when life is really good and things are going my way it usually means something is gonna hit the fan really soon." -- Amy, cautious Cancer.



Much like Aries, you fear being alone. And not just for dinner or a weekend. You fear being alone for your entire life. What if you never find a special person that will be there for you and care for you?

In order to combat your loneliness, you surround yourself with a bunch of people who you act like are your closest friends...but are they? Would these people be there if you needed them in a pinch?


"That hits the nail on the head... Nothing haunts me more than the thought that no one will be there to celebrate my birthday." --Kaela, certified Leo.


You fear...well, everything. Your future well-being is your biggest concern, and I know that sounds vague, but it's true.

You worry about money, and whether or not you'll be able to support yourself when you're older. Will you be able to pay the bills?

And what if you're hit with unexpected expenses? Will you be able to cover it?

You fear falling behind both personally and professionally. It's like you're constantly running to catch up, but everyone is flying down the highway in a fancy sports car. Will it be like this forever?


"I'm constantly worried about something bad happening to me in the future. If I run out of money, I wouldn't have a clue on how to survive." -- Moojan, very worried Virgo.



The physical state of your body is the biggest concern for you moving forward. It scares you to know that you'll get weaker as time goes on, and that illnesses or diseases are a very real possibility.

You're worried that your body will become your enemy and that eventually, you won't be able to function the same way you are now. Will you be able to walk to the store? What about just go up and down some stairs in the house?


"Somehow very accurate to my current situation."-- Joel, literal Libra.



Your memory is what you fear about losing the most. You obviously worry about losing your body, but your mind is what makes you, If you lose your memories and experiences, who wil you be?

Losing yourself is a real concern, and it almost feels like your own brain is abandoning and betraying you.


"I agree but also the physical fear is just as prevalent. I would say I'm scared of losing who I am with age for sure." --Annie, genuine Scorpio.


Are your best days behind you? You fear they are. Sure, you've had fun, and you've got a lot of memories to look back on, but they're just that...memories.

You constantly fear that your life no longer has meaning, and that it's all downhill from here. You've lost interest in things you used to love, because it seems pointless to love something that will only disappear.


"I can definitely relate to this. I'm only in my early 20s but I worry all the time that I've missed my chance to succeed in life." -- Zach, struggling Sagittarius


Chaos. Chaos everywhere. You're worried that the world is coming to an end, mainly because you're watching it happen. Everything is getting worse, and the only end in sight is a morbid one.

You've lived long enough to watch yourself turn into a pessimist. Everything is either staged, fake, or bad. There's no more fairness in the world, and justice seems out the window. How much longer can the world descent into tyranny?


"THIS IS SO ACCURATE." Awa, concerned Capricorn.


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You're constantly worried about a natural disaster or a catastrophe of sorts. You just have a sinking feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

Wherever you go, you're thinking about the worst case scenario. What if there's an earthquake? What if there's a terrorist attack? What if I get into a fatal crash on the way?

You know it probably won't happen, but what if it does?


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You fear the future, but in a different way than everyone else. It's like it's a black hole you're staring into.

You can't see how things play out, you don't know where you'll be, and the thought of even trying to figure that out sends you into a tailspin.

If, by some miracle, you're able to figure out what the future holds for you, it's always bad. You rarely think about the good things that could happen and almost always focus on the bad.

Sure, you could get a promotion...but you could also get fired in a month just after you've bought your car and need the cash.

Was yours accurate?