Unlock The Secrets Of Your Viking Zodiac Sign

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The zodiac signs we use to study our horoscopes today have their roots in ancient Babylon.

But of course, every culture has their own way of studying the stars. There are Celtic zodiac signs and Chinese zodiac animals, and they all seem to hold a kernel of truth about our natures and personalities.

One of the most overlooked zodiac sets comes from the Norse people of Scandinavia.

This culture, remembered mainly as "the vikings," worshiped a set of gods who lived in the land of Asgard.


The Norse believed that Earth (or Midgard) was linked to Asgard through a massive tree called Yggdrasil, and that humans were born into one of the 12 Halls of Heaven.

Each hall has its own guardian deity, and a set of qualities that its members are said to share.

Discover your Norse zodiac sign and see if it suits you. It may be a better fit than your regular horoscope.

Landvivi - December 21 to January 19

Norse zodiac
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This hall is known as the White Land, where Vidar the god of vengeance reigns.

Landvivi is a hall of renewal, connected to both life and death. It's a place to restore your spirit. People born in this hall are said to be perceptive and crafty, but your foresight doesn't guarantee you make good decisions.

Your friends and coworkers will trust you as a leader, even if you don't feel comfortable in that role.

Thankfully, you have a knack for reinventing yourself. Dig deep to discover who you really are.

Valaheim - January 20 to February 18

Norse Zodiac
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Vali the protector god rules in the Halls of Silver, whose members are said to be fiercely independent and spiritually strong.

They are always embarking on new experiences, and looking to forge new friendships. For this reason, a nine-to-five job or a boring relationship is the last place they want to end up.

The trouble is, when their wandering nature causes trouble, they have a hard time taking responsibility. Remember: not everyone moves at your pace.

Work to build up the relationships you already have before forging new connections.

Noatun - February 19 to March 20

Norse Zodiac
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Called the Ship Haven, this hall is presided over by Njord the sea god.

It's a hall of courageous and thoughtful people, known for their friendliness and good judgement. They're the sort of people who will work patiently and diligently to meet their goals.

The trouble is they don't know when to pick their battles.

Be confident enough to realize you have nothing to prove. Put your commitments to friends first, and be honest about what your limits are.

Bilskirnir - March 21 to April 20

Norse zodiac
Arthur Rackham - Wikimedia / Pixabay

The Hall of Lightning is home to the bold and brash Thor, god of thunder and lightning.

Thor was the protector of mankind, and his loyalty rubs off on members of this hall. They're also creative, faithful, and adventurous by nature.

Remember that not everyone is as trusting as you are. You can't keep hoping for the best and expecting everything to work out naturally.

Luckily, it's easy for you to pick up the pieces after a heartbreak or setback.

Thrymheim - April 21 to May 20

Norse zodiac
Harry Theaker / G.E. Ulrich - Wikimedia

Thrymheim - called the Noisy Place - is an unusual hall. Instead of a patron god, it's home to the giant Thiazzi and his daughter Skadi.

Like the titans of Greek mythology, giants were creators and destroyers who forged the Norse world before the reign of the gods.

This is a place of creation and discovery, a home to people who are in touch with their emotions and desires. You can make friends easily by helping them get in touch with their feelings too.

Remember to use your sensitivity to your advantage, but don't get too comfortable. It's easy for you to get trapped by material possessions and the daily grind.

Sessrumni Folkvagner - May 21 to June 20

Norse Zodiac
Wikimedia - Pixabay

The Folk Field is home to Freyja, the god of love and beauty, but also war and death.

People born in this hall tend to be in touch with nature, and feel closer to their family members than anyone else.

Those are good things, but they also encourage you to maintain the status quo. Keep to yourself for too long and you'll feel isolated and depressed.

You are bursting with talent, but need to learn how to channel it and apply yourself. Once you do that, no one can stop you.

Himinbjorg - June 21 to July 20

Norse zodiac
Emil Doepler - Wikimedia / MaxPixel

Called the Cliffs of Heaven, this hall is ruled by Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard. Heimdall was gifted with keen senses to watch for danger, but his duty also kept him apart from the other gods.

Like Heimdall, members of Himinbjorg are said to be responsible and conscientious. They are known for being generous, but only to people in their small social circle.

Outside of your friends and family, you have a tendency for being too reserved, and even unfriendly. You're also known for being thrifty at best and downright miserly at worst.

Beridblikk - July 21 to August 21

Norse zodiac
Elmer Boyd Smith - Wikimedia / Pexels

The Hall of Broad Gleaming is said to be the most beautiful of all, and home to the sun god Baldr.

Being born into Beridblikk doesn't guarantee good looks, but it is said to grant inner beauty and a dynamic personality.

The residents of this hall have a talent for reinventing themselves, but the changes they make aren't always for the better.

You are spiritually strong, and have enough confidence to outlast any hardship. Don't let a bad mood convince you otherwise.

Sokkvabekk - August 22 to September 22

Norse zodiac
Workinstiff - Wikimedia

The Hall of Time and Events is watched over by Saga, the goddess of time.

Sokkvabekk was the name of a bank of flowing water, and just like that river this hall never stops moving forward. People born into it are strong planners, with a powerful inner momentum.

They're also known for being loyal friends, and have a talent for making their inner feelings known. The trouble is you don't stop to smell the roses often enough.

Embrace what the world has to offer, instead of moving on to the next thing right away.

Glitner - September 23 to October 22

Norse zodiac
Emil Doepler / Alexander Kolb - Wikimedia

The glittering Hall of Splendor, made of silver and gold, was home to the justice god Forseti.

He was known as a skilled mediator who could solve any dispute, but justice comes with a price.

Yes, you are naturally diplomatic and make friends easily. You could even be called generous, except you always expect something in return for your friendship.

Nurture your empathy and kindness while reminding yourself that friendship is its own reward. Otherwise, you won't have many friends left.

Gladsheim - October 23 to November 22

Norse zodiac
Emil Doepler - Wikimedia

The Hall of Joyous Home is shared by all gods, but ruled by Odin the All-Father. This wise god traded one of his eyes for a pair of ravens, who whisper secret knowledge in his ear.

But knowing too much can be a curse. People born into this hall are said to be thoughtful and conscientious, but prone to worrying, anxiety, and over-thinking.

You have talent and drive, but your work is easily derailed - either by yourself or by events outside of your control.

At least you learn from your mistakes and never forget them, even if you wish you could.

Ydalir - November 23 to December 20

Norse zodiac
Sveine Magne-Tunli - Wikimedia

This hall is called the Valley of the Yew Trees, and presided over by the winter god Ullr.

Like winter, it's a place of stillness and solitude, and people born into it are described as straightforward and transparent.

Friends will need to dig deep to discover the real you, but your hidden personality is always blooming just below the surface.

Unfortunately, you're also prone to blizzard-like tantrums and icy withdrawals, but these will help you grow as a person.

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