15 Things That Hold Negative Energy And Bring Bad Luck Into Your Home

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You hear a lot about bad or negative energy, but what exactly are they?

These forces are incredibly powerful, and have the ability to affect your happiness and success in life.

That being said, there are ways to stay clear of them and encourage positive energy from emanating inside your home.

These following 15 items have been associated with negative energies in many ancient cultures.

If you have any of these inside your home, make sure you get rid of them immediately. Let me explain why.

1. Withering Plants

Forgetting to water and take care of your plants is one of the worst kinds of energies you can invite in your home, which is why you should discard these plants immediately once they start browning.

If you have dried or fake flowers, get rid of them too.

These energies will work to make you feel unhappy and become closed off to others.

2. Prickly Plants

Any type of spiky or thorny plant (except roses) invites a bad aura and is likely to make you feel anxious and worried.

Cacti are easy to take care of and look cute when placed on your windowsills, but they're more menacing than you think.

The spikes already look threatening, which is a sign that they don't belong in your home.

3. Broken Clocks

A broken clock is a warning sign that something extremely bad is going to happen.

It's believed that if the clock is broken, but is still able to make a noise, it's highly likely that someone close to you will come to an end.

If you're able to get the clock repaired, that's fine, but if not, throw it out immediately.

4. Old or New Calendars

If you have next year's calendar or are still holding onto a calendar from the year 1990 because you like the pictures, it's time to get rid of them.

Because calendars illustrate the passage of time, it's important that you only have one that shows the present.

Evil forces can work to hold you back if you have an old calendar or will work to keep you away from the things you want if you're holding onto a calendar for the following year.

5. Too Many Mirrors

It's not only broken mirrors that are believed to hold negative energy.

Legend has it that mirrors can steal one's soul, which is why some people cover or get rid of a mirror when someone leaves this world.

Mirrors can also impact the ego, whether positively or negatively. So the less of them you have, the more confident and happier you will feel.

6. Empty Rocking Chairs

Your beloved rocking chair is only giving off bad energy when it's empty, so make sure you're weighting it down with blankets or couch pillows when no one is sitting on it.

The Irish believe that empty rocking chairs invite evil spirits. If the chair moves on its own, then it's already at work to bring bad luck to your family.

In my opinion, if your rocking chair is moving on its own, it's time to say goodbye.

7. Frayed Broom

Avoid running into financial problems by making sure all the things you clean your house with are in good shape.

For example, a frayed broom is believed to be a sign of bad luck.

Replace your broom and remember to never sweep dust towards the front door. Since ancient times, people believe this was a sign of sweeping your good luck away.

8. Negative Pictures

This one is a no-brainer. Any kind of painting, picture, or poster that shows an image of a skull, darkness, destruction, or sadness should be thrown away.

The only things that you should welcome into your house are images that make you think good thoughts.

The more good you feel inside, the better you can tackle the negative auras surrounding you.

9. Green Walls

Other than the fact that green wallpapers used to emit a toxic gas, they've never been considered lucky, despite how warm and welcoming they appear.

Green walls invite energies of sickness and unhappiness.

Instead, paint your walls blue or white. These colors are believed to bring down your blood pressure and relax you.

10. Black Doors

If any one of your entrance doors are black, it's time to paint them a different color. The only time a black door is not inviting evil forces into your home is when it's facing north.

Doors symbolize passageways, and it's important that your home is only inviting positive energy.

The color black is associated with evil and mystery, which is the last thing you want to welcome inside your safe space.

11. Water Fountains

Water fountains are absolutely gorgeous, and since I was a kid I dreamed about having a big water fountain on my front lawn.

But there's something very important most people don't know about this outdoor or indoor decor. They can be both a good and bad thing.

Water fountains represent the flowing nature of life. If you want to hold onto the good things in your life for longer, it's best if you don't have a water fountain.

If you're looking to rid all kinds of energies, both positive and negative, get rid of any you have.

12. Animal Statues

Wildlife can be tranquil, but it also can be violent.

When these statues are inside our homes, they encourage dangerous behavior without you even noticing it.

13. Broken Dishes

Dishes are believed to symbolize wealth and family, so when a dish breaks or even slightly chips, you're inviting the opposite in your life.

14. Dirty/Unorganized Home  

If you're not taking care of your home, it's a sign to the forces around you that the positive energies in you are weakening.

This won't happen if your home is dirty or unorganized for a week or two. A strong force will only makes its presence known after several months of disarray.

15. Things You Have No Use For

if you haven't had a use for something in your home for more than a couple years, it's time to let them go. That includes clothes you haven't worn for years.

By holding onto these things, you're only accumulating stagnant energy that impedes you from succeeding in life.

This is why minimalism has become so popular nowadays.

Do you have any of these negative forces in your home?

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