13 Ways To Forge A Spiritual Connection With Your Partner


Sometimes a new relationship sweeps you up in your emotions, then leaves you high and dry after the breakup a week later.

Other times, it seems like you've found your soulmate, then you start to drift apart over months or years until the passion is gone.

Plenty of couples describe "falling out of love" after the initial spark fades. In fact, this may be a sign of a weakening spiritual bond with your partner.


A healthy relationship feeds the heart and soul. If yours doesn't, you could be heading for disaster.

The most successful couples strengthen their spiritual connection every day, and these 13 techniques do just that.

1. Explore Each Other's Feelings


When your partner tells you about their day, do you listen carefully, or zone out?

It can seem like a small thing, but active listening is the easiest way to get in touch with your partner's feelings. Listening and asking questions makes them feel valued and understood.

Put yourself in your partner's shoes and look at your relationship through their eyes. How do you imagine they feel about your lives together?

Now, go ask them about it, and see if anything they say surprises you.

2. Trade Places

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After living together for a while, the small things our partner does for us fade into the background of our lives. Soon, they begin to feel unappreciated.

Offer to do something your partner would usually do - drop the kids off at school, wash the dishes, do the groceries.

You can't help but appreciate your partner once you realize the important role they play in your life.

Be sure to share what you learned with them, so they know how much you value their help.

3. Embrace Your Differences


Couples get together because of everything they have in common, but stay together because they appreciate their differences.

When you step out of your comfort zone for your partner's sake, you learn more about them, yourself, and the world.

You never know: something scary or uncomfortable could become a new hobby or passion for the two of you to bond over.

4. Forgive, Forget, Start Fresh


Differences and disagreements crop up in any relationship, and it's important to draw a line in the sand.

When your partner pushes you past your breaking point, or you feel unsafe, it's time to say goodbye.

But you also can't let little details or petty arguments get under your skin.

Couples with powerful connections can forgive their partners and start fresh, because their relationship has a solid foundation to build back up from.

5. Practice Togetherness


Are you taking time every day to be with your partner? Do you do special things for them with no expectations?

These are small gestures, but they show your partner how much your appreciate them and their company.

Start to make time to be alone with them every day, whether it's for an activity or just some quiet TV time.

Share your thoughts and feelings with your partner, and be receptive when they do the same.

6. Project Your Future Together

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Your relationship is more likely to survive a rough patch when you share a vision of the future with your partner.

Have a conversation about your goals for the future. Connect over your shared philosophy or projects, and work on them together.

You don't even need to be ambitious. At the very least, commit to spending more time with each other and improving your relationship.

That's the best goal you can have.

7. Cultivate Positive Energy


So many of the problems that nag us every day - in our relationships, family life, or at work - are illusions made by our negative thoughts.

It's much easier to ride out a disagreement with your partner when you're optimistic about life with them.

A change of mood and perspective can be like going from night to day, and could help you to see your relationship in a new light.

Start to change your attitude by listing things that made you smile today. I bet your partner made the list!

8. Appreciate What You Have

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One of the proven ways to develop a positive attitude is by counting your blessings every day.

Think of some of the major problems in your relationship right now. How many of them are connected to things you want, but don't have?

If you're healthy, working, and in a relationship, your biggest anxieties about life might be based on fear.

9. Ask How You Can Help Your Partner


We all hide our anxieties and problems from our partners, even when we know it's a bad idea.

Ask your partner if there's anything they need your help with, and they might open up to you on the spot. It reminds them you're on their side.

Or, ask your partner for help with a problem that's been nagging at you. You may be surprised by how happy they are to lend a hand.

10. Practice Communication Daily


If you're an open person this might be hard to believe, but a lack of communication is the number one cause for breakups.

That's because communicating with your partner is the best way to learn about them and their mindset. When you let your communication skills get rusty, you're cutting yourself off from their inner life.

If you don't open up to your partner, they can also lose track of the real you. That's why it feels like you two are "drifting apart" - you don't know each other anymore.

11. Confront Your Fears


Sometimes our anxieties are just that: anxiousness with no connection to reality.

There are plenty of cheaters out there, but if you're concerned your partner is two-timing you maybe you're the insecure one.

Don't be afraid to pull your partner aside and tell them just what you're worried about.

The worst case scenario is your problems will be out in the open. But you'll probably find there was nothing to worry about in the first place.

12. Show Your Love


A hand on your partner's shoulder, or an extra "I love you" before you leave the house speaks volumes.

If you remind your partner how special they are to you every day, they have no need to worry about your connection.

The bonds that keep couples together for decades are built on small, everyday habits.

13. Say No To Other People


If your partner is your soulmate, why do you never make time for them in your life?

It's unhealthy to let one person monopolize your life, but you should be willing to skip a boys' night or work get-together for your partner.

Or, at least, try to get your partner involved in your life apart from them. This shows them how much they really mean to you.

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