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12 Signs Your Body Is Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

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I don't think there's a greater feeling than becoming spiritually awakened.

It's a life-changing experience and a path that everyone must go on in order to become the best version of themselves.

If you think you're going through a mental, and possibly physical, transformation, see if these 12 signs speak to you.

1. You can sense things from another dimension

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Have you ever felt the presence of something you can't explain? Perhaps an energy that could be classified as a guardian angel?

Or maybe you're able to sense certain auras of places or people?

If you have ever experienced these "explainable feelings," it's likely that you're achieving a higher level of consciousness.

When you're starting to see the world with your third eye, oftentimes you're able to gain access to the spiritual dimension.

Let these positive forces guide you in order to help you reach that state of wakefulness and enlightenment.

2. Craving solitude

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As an extrovert, I used to be afraid of being alone. The thought of being with my thoughts for a long period of time frightened me.

Anytime I needed a problem to be solved, I'd ask a friend for guidance, and sometimes they led me astray.

Thinking back, some of these problems could have only been solved if I put more thought into it. As much as we like our friends to solve our problems, they can never truly step into our shoes and mend the situation.

Craving solitude, understanding yourself deeply, and finding inner harmony is a sign that your higher consciousness is awakening.

3. You're more empathetic than you used to be

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People who are reaching enlightenment find themselves becoming more empathetic and compassionate.

You accept people as they are and restrict judging them based on superficial things like race, ethnicity, disability, or gender.

While empathy sounds easy to you now, you know it's not easy for everyone to become compassionate.

There's a lot of injustice in the world and most people turn a blind eye to it. If it's not happening right at their doorstep, it's somebody else's problem.

Individuals who have reached a higher consciousness know that they can make the world a better place though positive thinking, good intentions, and making conscious choices.

4. Ability to heal your body

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My mother always told me that stress is the mother of all illnesses. She believed that through prayers, spiritual connections, and meditation anything could be solved or achieved.

People who are reaching a higher state of consciousness probably find that they don't get sick as often, and when they do, they heal faster.

This state of wakefulness allows more positive energy to flow into the body.

This happy aura releases feel-good hormones that make you feel happier, and overall healthier.

5. You feel more "connected" to the world

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Your connection to the world goes beyond people and places. Even the clouds, ocean, plants, and stones radiate a spirit.

Sometimes you may find yourself watching leaves being lifted by the wind, and you suddenly feel a rush of calmness settle within you.

What most people consider to be "mundane," you find to be incredibly special.

6. A sense of harmony

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People who have mastered seeing with their third eye, whether intentional or not, understand the world in a way that most people can't wrap their heads around.

Life isn't black or white. There's nothing intrinsically "good" or "bad."

Everything is much more complicated than what it seems and it's difficult for you to explain that to people who can't open their minds and see things from a different perspective.

It's not easy to step into someone else's shoes, but you have a natural ability to see things in a way you never used to be able to.

Instead of judging things at face value, you have a gift of understanding life on a deeper level.

7. You see things as they are, not as you are

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There's nothing more powerful than having clarity in life.

People who have reached this state of higher consciousness know that every single thing they encounter is like a mirror.

If you radiate positive energy, you will receive that energy back no matter what.

The reason why you cannot receive negative energy is because of clarity. You're only focused on one thing: happiness.

Now is the time to get to the next point:

8. You live for the moment

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People who live in the present are always happy.

If you tell this to someone who is focused on the past or future they'll scoff at you.

They'll tell you that forgetting your past or putting thoughts about your future aside will hinder you from succeeding.

It's important to have hope in life, but people who have reached a higher consciousness know that living in the moment is the only way to send positive energy out into the universe.

We must learn from our past, but never let it anchor us from growing as a person.

We must be aware of the future, but never let it destroy our ability to cherish the present.

9. You practice self-love

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You know you've reached a higher level of consciousnesses when someone calls you selfish and all you can do is shake your head in disappoint.

It's not selfish to take care of yourself.

Selfishness is when you have no regard for other people. People who practice self-love see value in themselves, and in turn can see the value in others.

When you understand why you're on this planet, then you can live to your fullest potential.

10. You have a close-knit group of friends

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Those gifted with a powerful third eye are able to see people for who they truly are.

The more you're aware of people's intentions, the more you know who to bring into your circle of trust.

You understand that authentic relationships are the only way you can become the best version of yourself and reach a state of enlightenment.

That being said, this doesn't mean you don't have a lot of friends and people you care about.

Because you have a heightened sense of empathy and compassion, you're less likely to feel animosity towards others and are more open to letting them in your life and guiding them to achieve wakefulness.

You just happen to be able to differentiate who is worth your time and who isn't.

11. Material possessions hold no value to you

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When I studied psychology at university, I spent a good chunk of that time pondering over the idea of happiness.

I knew that happiness means something different for everyone, but what I wanted to understand was what makes most people happy?

After spending a few years traveling abroad the answer hit me: Desire is the root of unhappiness.

Then I have people ask me, so why are the richest people in the world happy? First, how do you know that they're happy. And if they are, why shouldn't they be?

Take Bill Gates as an example. He earned his money through hardwork and has spent decades donating his riches to better the world. And you'll never see him sporting fancy jewelry or clothes.

People who are undergoing a spiritual awakening know that wanting more is the only thing that brews satisfaction.

Practicing gratitude is what ends up taking you on the journey of growth, which will ultimately lead you to enlightenment.

12. A lack of fear

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It's not the thought of those final days that bother you, but a life that's ruled by fear and uncertainty, hindering you from living to your fullest potential.

Those who are not on the journey of becoming spiritually awakened will never understand their fears.

Deep down they know these fears exist, but they'll do nothing to address and conquer them.

The inevitable will happen, sometimes it must, and people who are in a state of wakefulness understand this reality.

Are you on the path of higher consciousness?

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