Which Zodiac Sign Were You In A Past Life?

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We all know what zodiac sign we are. Even if you don't believe in everything it tells you, astrology is an extremely prominent part of our every day lives.

But aside from the daily things it can tell us about our lives, astrology can also tell us about our past lives as well.

You may be one sign in your current life, but you were a different one in your past life. I'm a Gemini, and when I saw mine...let's just say I didn't agree!


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Leos are known for their passionate personalities and their desire to be in the spotlight. They absolutely dedicate themselves to friends and family, and will protect them with fierce loyalty.

This loyalty stems from your past life as a Cancer, where you formed strong connections and learned to befriend the right kind of people for your life. Because your bonds were so strong, you now know that sticking up for those close to you is one of the most important things you can do in life.



As an Aries, you love being in first place. Your bold and ambitious attitude keeps you confident even in trying situations, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

In your past life, however, you were a Pisces. You did what you could to help others before helping yourself, because you knew they needed it more.

Your selflessness in your past life is what allows you to be so confident in focusing on yourself in this one.


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Cancers can take a while to open up to others, but that's only because their intuition is strong and they need to make sure you're really who you say you are. They are extremely self-protective, and often focus on self-care and comfort over everything else.

It might surprise you to know that in a past life, Cancers were actually Geminis. When you were the social sign, you got hurt really bad because you were so open with everyone. You learned from your mistakes and became more cautious, but not less fun.



As a Pisces, you focus on everyone but yourself. You are extremely empathetic and compassionate, but sometimes you can let yourself get too wrapped up in emotions. Oftentimes, Pisces will run away from their problems instead of facing them head on.

In their past lives, however, Pisces were Aquariuses. You have learned to control your emotions and use them to help others who cannot help themselves. You care less and less about what people think about you, and have started to give yourself the time you deserve.


Currently, Geminis are all over the place. They are playful, curious, and always busy. One theory is that Geminis are twins because they need two of themselves to get everything done.

However, in their past lives, Geminis were actually Tauruses! It's believed that the abundance of downtime and seclusion from their former selves has driven them to become even more welcoming to social events and being busy.

As a Gemini, I can say that I still rather enjoy my down time...


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Virgos are often self-conscious about every aspect of their lives, even if they have no reason to be. They are natural leaders and often find themselves in positions of power.

Their past lives as Leos have a lot to do with their current ways. It's the boastful and sometimes egotistical nature of Leos that cause Virgos to now feel self-conscious. They worry people will take offense and try to tone it down. However, they will never lose their natural desire to lead.


Libras thrive on balance and honesty. They are intellectuals and have amazing taste. Libras have a knack for looking at things from all perspectives, which makes them excellent (and fair) problem solvers.

In their past lives Libras were Virgos. It's an interesting swap, as inherently there aren't many connections between Libras and Virgos. That being said, Virgos often find themselves focusing on others instead of themselves, and now being a Libra means they've learned to balance their lives a little more.


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A Taurus is headstrong, and will fight for what they believe in no matter what. There's a never-ending thirst to achieve, but that doesn't mean a Taurus doesn't enjoy some relaxation in total solitude.

But in their past life, that same Taurus was actually an Aries. That's where their determination comes from, though that ambition is not at the same level. Anger used to take over your life as a dominant emotion when you were an Aries.

Learning from your past mistakes, you are still driven, but take a much more calm approach to any and all conflict.



Scorpios can be misunderstood. They are calculating and wait until the exact right moment to sting. They are always three steps ahead of everyone else in order to stay on top of things. Scorpios are enticing, though, and they have the most amount of empathy out of all the signs.

Their past lives as Libras contribute to their calculating nature as Scorpios. It's the desire for balance and viewing things from every angle that allows them to meticulously plan things ahead.



As an Aquarius, you despise authority and anything conventional. You want to march to the beat of your own drum and hope that others do the same. You want to find your true happiness and meaning, and that won't come while other people are suffering.

In your past life, you were a Capricorn. You were all about planning and timelines, but you realized it didn't fit in with the life you wanted to live. All the responsibilities you saddled yourself with finally got to you, and you realized it was time to live life the way you wanted to.

CURRENT SIGN: Sagittarius

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The wanderlust-seeking personality of Sagittariuses constantly has them on a quest for knowledge. Their story-telling ability is second to none, and they easily attract friends with their sense of humor.

In their past lives, Sagittariuses were Scorpios. They've learned that being ready to pounce isn't the way to live life, and that it's much easier (and more fun) to just go with the flow. Their empathetic nature still lingers, which is how they are so capable of making friends.



Capricorns are all about schedules and commitments, but that doesn't mean they're not fun. They have long-term goals set out for themselves and are ruled by compassion. Capricorns only get better with age, and find optimism as life goes on.

They draw from experience as a past Sagittarius. After learning about what's important in life from their constant adventures, they're now ready to settle down and accomplish their goals. Priorities have been shifted, but that doesn't mean their sense of adventure is totally lost.

Do you agree with your past life sign?