Choose A Number From 1 to 9 And We'll Tell You What Life Path You're On

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Every decision we make is guided by a gut feeling. It's as if our subconscious is its own entity.

You were asked to choose a number from 1 to 9. Which one did you instinctively choose?

This number will help you gain insight into what kind of path you're on in life.

You'll also better understand how to make the most out of the direction you're headed.

Number 1

You're a natural born leader.

You're on a path that takes you where you want to go, and you're always guided by your gut feeling.

This intuitive sensation is a key part of your life, but it can sometimes get the better of you. You tend to decide important matters quickly, so remember to pace yourself.

You're driven by creativity and are constantly working towards your goals. For that reason, every day you get one step closer to more happiness and prosperity.  

When you see an obstacle or are faced with a challenge, you don't shy away from it.

Your optimistic attitude, ambition, and confidence attracts people to you, but remember, do not be afraid of letting people into life.

You're on the right path and all the people who come and go are lessons that will lead you to your biggest goals.  

Number 2

You're wise beyond your years.

You have a deep spiritual connection with a higher power and gain clarity in your life from subtle signs that follow you everywhere you go.

For you, it doesn't matter where you're going, only that you're headed somewhere.

You don't necessarily believe that there's only one path, but that there are many journeys to be had, even once this one is finished.

You're a creature of habit, a perfectionist, and someone who tries to make the world a better place.

People tend to ridicule you for thinking in extremes, but you really don't see the world in black and white.

They may never understand the path you're on, and you should never feel the need to explain your choices.

There are some things in life that are simply out of your control. They're in the hands of a higher power, and always trust that they will lead you in the right direction.  

Number 3

You have a knack for communicating with people.

You thrive when you're surrounded by positive people and you're willing to stray from your own path if it means you can spend some time with good company.

You don't struggle with your emotions because you always have a good group of friends to confide in.

When you're with people, time goes by so fast, and you don't mind that. You can't stand being bored and always want to try new things. Don't be ashamed of that!

Being open-minded will always keep you on the right path in life.

Continue to take risks and don't overcomplicate things. Follow these two rules and you'll never feel stagnant again.

Number 4

You've got your whole life figured out.

You love planning things, whether it be something as small as a birthday party or as big the rest of your life.

Most people envy your personality and outlook on life because you know what you're doing.

This doesn't mean you know exactly how your day is going to unfold, unless you're a psychic, but what you do know is that everything is going to be okay.

You've always been a hard worker and dedicated your life to doing things to the best of your ability.

You love spending time in nature because it relaxes your soul. You see both the intricacy and simplicity of the world and believe that everything happens for a reason.

And even if it doesn't, what does it matter? You're alive, living to the best of your ability, so what's the point of worrying?

Number 5

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

You see life as progress, and don't worry too much about the future. All you know for sure is what's happening now and what happened before, everything else in uncertain.

For that reason, you live life to the fullest.

People love spending time with you because you're a great motivator. And while you're motivating them, you're always motivating yourself.

You don't worry too much about material things, rather you focus on the experiences that truly make you happy.

You love traveling the world and seeing new things. Keep on this path and don't stray from it, there are a lot of surprises coming your way!

Number 6

You are the beacon for justice.

You like to see things as they should be, not as they are. Your primary purpose or calling in life is to search for the truth and give a voice to the voiceless.

You're an extremely loyal person, which can sometimes scare people because they sometimes don't feel like they're worthy of your companionship.

Your sympathetic nature has led you on this special path that you're on. If you feel the urge to give up and become a completely different person, don't do it.

Some days it may feel like there's a huge weight resting on your shoulders, but that's the blessing a higher power has given you.

The world needs people like you who stand for justice and hold powerful institutions to account.

Number 7

You have a gift for observation.

It's hard to say what path of life you're on because you tend to find yourself doing something different every year.

You're extremely affectionate and try to please others. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just make sure you're not being taken advantage of.

What's admirable about you is that you're intelligent and studious.

You love watching how society works and seeing where you fit in. Your life path tends to change often because you're always inspired by new things.

When you see something that sparks your interest, you pursue it almost immediately. Sometimes it's as simple as that for your life to take on a whole different course.

Number 8

You are a peacemaker.

You have a tremendous gift for bringing people together and governing them.

Unlike number 5, you find all your satisfactions in the material world. You define success by how many things you own and how much money is in your bank account.

Basically, money can buy happiness.

You strongly believe that it's through tangible things that people can attain pleasure.

This kind is mindset is what drives you to succeed in life, and don't worry if you're not there yet, you will be soon.

What's admirable about you is that when you reach your goals, you're ready to give as much as you can to those who need it the most.

Number 9

You feel too deeply.

Those of you who chose the last number are always questioning the path you're on in life.

Basically, nothing makes sense to you and you're always seeking answers to extremely hard questions. For example, what is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What should I do?

You go through an existential crisis at least a few times every month.

You may walk around with a question mark on your head, but you're by no means self-centered.

You're extremely compassionate and generous. Because you can't understand life, you hope that you can make other people's lives better and experience happiness through their lives.

Never expect people to understand how you feel.

Keep in mind, life will always throw questions at you, but the answers will come to you when you least expect it.  

Which number did you choose? Did the description accurately describe the life path you're on?

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