Each Flower Matches A Different Personality, What's Yours?

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Flowers represent growth and beauty, and we all have our favorites. For me, I love tulips. I think it's because my mom always had a beautiful array of tulips in her garden when I was growing up. They added so much color and excitement to our yard, and I looked forward to them every year.

But apparently my choice of flower not only has to do with nostalgia, but also with my personality! You see, each flower matches a specific personality, meaning we're drawn to flowers that are similar to ourselves.

Does yours match up?



Roses are one of the most popular flowers, and there's a reason for that. Those who love roses are hopeless romantics, which is why these flowers are featured at most weddings.

Everyone wants to believe in true love, which is why roses are the gold-standard for romance.

“The rose is also a very strong self-defender,” Stephanie Herron of Scotts Flowers New York City says. “It shields itself with guard petals and thorns for protection. If handled too roughly, it bruises easily, so this flower must be handled with the utmost respect and care.”


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Daisies match those who have an optimistic outlook on life, and who love living care free. The bright, sunny flower is the perfect representation of someone who chooses to be happy.

Daisies are also self-sufficient (for the most part) and don't require a lot of attention. The same goes for those who share similarities with the flowers. They can keep themselves happy and are more than happy to be independent.

Calla Lillies

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Calla Lilies don't require a lot of upkeep, making them a perfect match for those who are low maintenance in life. That being said, they command a room wherever they go just based on their presence alone.

If you love calla lilies, chances are you tell it like it is, and understand that simple can be beautiful.

“The calla lily is a no-fuss flower that will remain strong and lively without much assistance,” says Herron. “The flower is a wonderful marriage of flexible strength and modern elegance.”


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Lilacs symbolize innocence and family ties, so if you love lilacs, you're probably someone driven by your family.

You love the comfort of home, which is what you're reminded of when you smell and see lilacs.


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Orchids are beautiful and elegant, but require a lot of effort to care for. The same goes for those who love them. Small details are made into big deals, and if they aren't perfect, a meltdown is forthcoming.

You also strive to live a life of luxury, but only if things go exactly the way you planned them.

“This beauty often comes with a price, as they can be quite temperamental; if one element is off in their environment, they may refuse to cooperate and will withhold their full beauty,” says Herron.


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If you love hydrangeas, you probably love being around people all the time. Supporting people is something you thrive on, but once everyone is gone, you find yourself lonely and looking for your own support.

“Hydrangeas have great versatility and always enrich other blooms with their presence, offering great strength and support to more fragile flowers,” Herron says. “However, you can’t leave hydrangeas alone for too long; they may look strong, but they rely on your help as much as other flowers rely on them.”

Tiger Lilies


Tiger lilies, similar to the animal, have an intense sense of pride. If you love this flower, you strive for greatness in everything you do. You measure success through wealth and have a flair for the dramatic...not that that's a bad thing.


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Peonies are a bold, colorful flower, making them a perfect match for people with a similar personality. If you love peonies, you are not afraid to go on adventures at random, and you find that people gravitate towards your exciting personality.

“Voluptuous, luxurious, and sweet, the peony remains in high demand,” Herron says. "One must live in the moment with the blooming peony, appreciating it while you can, because you know you will spend most of your time without it."


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If you love gardenias, it might be time to do some soul-searching. Though you entice people due to your exotic nature, they quickly realize you are picky and have an attitude, which then scares them away.

“Many people avoid them altogether, as they’re difficult to please,” says Herron.


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My favorite! Those who love tulips are often laid back, positive, and loved by most. It speaks to the flower's ability to bloom in any situation.

"The tulip can bloom on the coldest of days and also the sunniest,” says Herron. “It happily goes with the flow, quite literally following the sunshine.”


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Sunflowers are one of the biggest flowers around, and everyone loves it! The beautiful flowers reflect those who love them: radiant, positive, and always able to make people smile.

If you love sunflowers, you thrive off following your dreams and setting high goals for yourself. The sky is the limit, and you intend to reach it.


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The iris is a classic flower, whose unique coloring is an inspiration to many. It matches perfectly with those who love art and being creative. You want to motivate others to be creative as well, and love when you find out you have.

"The iris has inspired many great works of art throughout history and remains highly regarded as a symbol of royalty,” Herron says.

Does your flower match your personality?

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