11 Things Your Body Is Telling You Every Time You Experience Déjà Vu


The feeling that you've experienced something before is so strange. It stops you in your tracks and makes you question everything you know in life.

Did you just experience a glitch in the matrix or the fabric of time? Are you a time traveler? What in the world is going on!?!?

Keep in mind, every experience of déjà vu is different from the last time.

It's important to pay attention to where you are and how you're feeling in order to know what your body is telling you.

1. You're seeing from your third eye


The third eye chakra is responsible for helping someone see things for what they truly are.

It's possible that your déjà vu is the result of your third eye opening for a brief second.

It's extremely difficult to gain full control of this chakra, which is why you may experience it through déjà vu.  

When this chakra awakens, make sure you pay attention to what you were doing when you had déjà vu.

Your brain may be working to process information from another dimension, so it's important to pick up on any clues.

It's also possible that your third eye is advising you to be on guard for what's to come.

2. Your past life is trying to contact you

If you're an X-Files fan, then you're aware of the "tuning fork phenomenon," where your energy is matching with the frequency of someone from another life.

Déjà vu may also give insight into a past life, that is if you've been reincarnated.

Signs of reincarnation include recurring dreams, strong intuition skills, being rebellious, and having unexplained fears.

Most people have a strong sense of déjà vu when they travel.

Sometimes you're attracted to certain places or people and you can't explain why. You feel like you've seen these people before and lived in these places, but it's your first time there.

This form of déjà vu is likely caused by one of your past lives trying to contact you from another dimension.

3. You've reached a fork in the road

Sometimes experiencing something for a second time is a blessing.

This is the universe giving you the chance to think over an important decision.

When I experience déjà vu, I think of it as a fork in the road. I stop whatever I'm doing and evaluate on what changes could be made in my life.

Think of it as a chance to see your life unfold in two different ways.

Some people see déjà vu as a sign that you're headed in the right direction, but be careful you don't always see it that way.

4. You're distracted

You know those times when you go in deep thought and forget that the universe exists? It happens to me all the time.

Simply being distracted can spark your brain into déjà vu mode.

When several things are fighting for your full attention it can result in two perceptions to form. This is what results in a double take, leading to déjà vu.

For example, if you're stirring your pasta dish and for a split second you become distracted by a noise in the distance, when you come back to that first task you might get that déjà vu experience.

5. You need to check your brain

Déjà vu may signal a neurological problem if it occurs too frequently.

People who suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy, which is a condition that impacts their short-term memory, experience déjà vu right before they have a seizure.

For the most part, déjà vu isn't a bad sign.

Many scientists believe that these unexplained memories are a sign that your brain is checking to see if what it's experiencing is correct.

"If it's not an error, but the prevention of an error, this makes a lot more sense," Akira O'Connor, a researcher at the University of St. Andrews, told New Scientist.

6. You've done this before

The most common explanation for déjà vu is that you're experiencing the same thing again.

Most of us have very repetitive lives. We get up in the morning, do the same morning routine, go to work, and come back home with a very similar night routine.  

You're bound to experience the same thing more than once, which will undoubtedly cause a memory glitch from time to time.

7. You need shut eye


Your brain can give you a lot of answers as to why you're experiencing déjà vu.

If have déjà vu a few times a day, it's a telltale sign that you need more sleep, or are going through high periods of stress.

When you experience brain fog, or brain fatigue, you're likely not thinking clearly.

At this point you can't fully rely on your memory, and all the signals in your brain mismatch.

During this process, your brain is trying to make sense of your reality, which leads to déjà vu.

8. You may see the future

Have you ever had a That's So Raven moment? Where for a brief second you saw the future?

The term for this is precognitive dreaming, which is a fancy way of saying that you dream of something before it happens.  

This has happened to me on a number of occasions, and the feeling can be quite overwhelming.

Once I had a vision that I was climbing a palm tree by crystal clear water. The thing is, I had never visited an ocean or seen a palm tree.

A few months after that vision, I won a free ticket to Florida and renacted my dream without even knowing it.

I experienced the same déjà vu for a second time. After much thought, it finally dawned on me what happened, which sent a chill down my spine.

9. You have a young soul

Déjà vu decreases with age, but if you're still experiencing it at an older age, it's likely that you have a young soul.

This is a really good sign. It also means that you're brain is healthy and working efficiently.

Experiencing déjà vu means that your brain can differentiate between different memories, a skill that tends to decline as the brain ages.

Try to keep that young soul alive and let these moments of déjà vu guide you in the right direction.

10. You need alone time

Some people crave solitude after experiencing déjà vu. This is a sign that your mind wants to sort through its thoughts.

It could also be an indication that your guardian angel is close by.

Whatever the case may be, spend some time alone and address all the things that bother you.

11. One eye is stronger than the other

My left eye is considerably weaker than my right eye, which means my glasses look extremely funny. This might be another reason why I experience an abnormal amount of déjà vu.

If you have a dominant eye, your déjà vu may be the result of your stronger eye sending information faster than what your other eye can process.

Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz explained in the Cleveland Plain Dealer: "If that stronger eye sends information to the subconscious before both eyes focus and register the input as a conscious experience, your brain will tell you, 'I've seen that before.' And you have — but it was just a nanosecond ago."

How often do you experience déjà vu?

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