What Kind Of Donut Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

Who doesn't love a good donut? They are one of the best comfort foods in the world, and there are so many different varieties.

But did you know there are donuts that match every zodiac sign? Your personality matches directly with a donut. Trust me, I'm a professional (donut eater.)

Aries - BOSS HOG


If you're an Aries, you're adventurous, courageous, and always pioneering new ways to do things.

That's why this Boss Hog donut from Gourdoughs food truck in Austin, Texas is your donut. It's a donut smothered in pulled pork and potato salad, and drizzled with honey BBQ sauce.

There is nothing more adventurous than that.


Word Press/Dunkin Donuts

Listen, there's nothing wrong with an old-fashioned plain donut. It's classic and it's familiar.

As a Taurus, you're stubborn towards change, and like to stick with what you know. These fancy new donuts may be fine for others, but you're a staple in every store and will never go out of style.


Primo's Donuts

Geminis are known for their twin personalities, being a mixture of two very different people. Choosing just one flavor of donut is near impossible.

That's why the maple bacon donut is the natural match for Geminis. It's a mixture of sweet and salty, and you'll never know which one will be more dominant. What you do know, though, is that it will be delicious.


Trip Advisor

Simplicity and tradition is key for Cancers. They can be sentimental for the way things were, and often fear the future because of the changes it can bring.

Is there anything more simple and traditional than an apple pie? Those flavors mixed into a donut are just perfect, and they're sure to calm any fears.


Krispy Kreme

Leos are extremely creative, and love to think outside the box. They love trying new things and testing out new combinations.

The salted caramel slider is a classic Krispy Kreme donut filled with salted caramel ice cream, caramel sauce, and topped with cookie crumbs. Talk about creative!


Virgos can often find themselves indulging in their self-deprecating traits and becoming frustrated at the smallest inconvenience. They can be too emotional for their own good, and have a hard time dealing with it.

Enter: literally any chocolate donut. Chocolate is synonymous with indulgence, and is often connected with emotional eating. Any chocolate donut works, because if it was one specific one, it could be out of stock and that would be frustrating.



Libras are well-balanced, extremely clever, and never care about their haters.

That's why their donut twin is a breakfast cereal donut. It's part of a well-balanced breakfast, or at least that's what a Libra will convince you! Don't like it? Too bad. No one cares.


Better Baking Blog

Scorpios are interesting, because they often keep a closed-off outer personality, but on the inside they are extremely surprising. Getting to know a Scorpio means getting to know their inner self.

Boston cream donuts are their donut twin, for what I think are obvious reasons. On the outside, they just look like an normal chocolate-dipped donut. But on the inside? They are filled with goodness that only true fans get to experience.

Sagittarius - BIRTHDAY CAKE

Brand Eating

If you know a Sagittarius, you know they can often get wrapped up in themselves and become selfish (albeit without even knowing.)

So what is more self-centered than a birthday cake donut when it's not even your birthday?

Capricorn - SPRINKLES

Inside Baking

Capricorns are dependable, elegant, and have an eye for patterns and colors.

Is any donut more elegant and colorful than a classic sprinkled donut? I cannot think of a single person who doesn't like them, and they are in basically every single donut shop around.



Honest, loyal, and wholesome, you always know what to expect from an Aquarius. They never stray far from tradition.

Honey cruller are a classic donut and scream wholesome. They're a light treat with a hint of sweetness!


Windsor Star

A Pisces is selfless, kind, and often underrated by those around them. They don't like to flaunt their skills, but are more than happy to help if you need it.

The sour cream glazed donut mirrors a Pisces perfectly. The donut is classic, delicious, and yet often overlooked by people because of the flashier donuts in the box.

Does your donut match your personality?