Find Out Your Celebrity Soulmate Based Off Your Zodiac Sign

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Each of us has a celebrity we have a crush on. Whether it's a singer, an actor, or an athlete, there's that one guy (or girl) that will always get your motor running no matter what.

But did you know that there's actually a celebrity soulmate for all of us based on our zodiacs? This is totally true and not at all based in an imaginary world.

Ladies, here is your celebrity soulmate based off your zodiac. You'll have to work out some kind of timeshare agreement with those who share your sign, but I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Aquarius - Adam Levine

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Singing, dancing, and everything in between is in his wheelhouse. Odds are, he'll serenade you every night before bed. He's also probably a great cook. I don't know why I think that, I just do.

Pisces - Tom Hardy

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You've got to love a man who can laugh at himself, and Tom's MySpace page proves he can. Plus, he's a dog lover which is always a great quality. And also, look at his face. He's perfect.

Aries - Shemar Moore


I sometimes have a hard time differentiating between Shemar Moore and his Criminal Minds character Derek Morgan, and honestly I think he sometimes does too. But that's okay, because who wouldn't want a beautiful FBI agent looking out for them at all times?

Taurus - Channing Tatum

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He's literally Magic Mike. What more do you want?

Gemini - Sebastian Stan

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Stan is a mix of everything, which is pure perfection. He's the definition of a pretty boy, and yet if you've seen him in the Marvel movies, you also know he's got enough bad-ass skills to protect you from everything that comes your way.

Cancer - Taylor Kitsch


Good ol' Canadian boy Taylor Kitsch is your lucky guy, Cancer. He's very in touch with his emotions, which makes him a great partner who listens. He also learned how to sign and play guitar for a recent role, so that's basically icing on the cake.

Leo - Chris Pine

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One of the many Hollywood Chrises, Pine is often overlooked but never underappreciated. He's always down for a quiet night in but can also turn it up to have a good time. He also knows Oprah. OPRAH.

Virgo - Chris Evans

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You could argue this is the luckiest sign. Hunky heartthrob Chris Evans is literally Captain America, and he also loves his rescue dog more than anything in the world. He loves theater, cuddles, and ice cream (probably.) You hit the jackpot.

Libra - Paul Rudd

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Everyone loves a good funny man. Plus, Paul Rudd has not aged in decades so odds are he's going to look this good when he's 90. And who knows? Maybe he'll share his youthful secrets with you!

Scorpio - Liam Hemsworth

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Don't tell Miley Cyrus, but Liam has belonged with you from the beginning. You guys will move to Australia and surf and have the best time together. Those eyes will stare deep into your soul, and you'll get to have Chris Hemsworth as a brother-in-law. It's a win-win.

Sagittarius - Idris Elba

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What a beautiful specimen. Idris will seduce you with his deep voice and British accent, which is all anyone wants in the world. He'll also probably tell you first when he gets cast as James Bond, which has to happen eventually.

Capricorn - Tom Hiddleston

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A classic guy for the classic sign. In the winter months, you need someone cuddly with a warm smile and that's exactly what Tom Hiddleston provides. Plus, he looks good with or without that beard, which not a lot of guys can say.